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Its critical that your website has a streamlined and easy to use booking engine so customers feel confidant booking with you direct rather than via another channel. Our systems provide you with the advanced functionality of the online travel agents like booking.com or expedia.

  • Central inbox so you, and your team can see all the enquiries as they 
        arrive from any source
  • Custom and automated functions including hold expiries, balance payment
        requests, and “just about to stay”
  • Customisable email templates so you can respond to common enquiries with
        a couple of clicks
  • Enquiry and on-request support, so you can take an enquiry from a guest
        before agreeing to the booking.
  • Customer offers can be created simply and easily
  • Hold functionality so you can temporary hold your property for a guest
  • Live bookings so your guest can “book now” if you choose to enable it
  • Credit card payments support - we can offer Stripe payments in locations where it is
        supported but can also work with a number of hosted payments providers including
        PaymentExpress and Paypal
  • Multiple currency support so you can quote global guests in their currency
  • All the rates functionality you might need- including specials, minimum stay,
        long stay discounts, last minute rates, and seasonal surcharges. All easy!
  • Promo codes so you can offer your repeat guests, a special discount
  • Agent login when you want to allow access to an agent to create a booking
        rather than contacting you - just add our Agent module.

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